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Challenged Credit

Challenged Credit

CREFCO Financial Group, Inc. is NOT a credit repair company; although our experts are well versed in providing advice and direction on appropriate steps you can take to qualify for a home loan.

We work with all credit types, and look at each situation individually.  This allows us to develop a solid plan that gets our customers on the road to homeownership very quickly.  Whether you've filed bankruptcy or have outstanding debt, you do have options.

Having challenges with your credit will not prevent you from becoming a homeowner, and our team of licensed experts will show you the way.


Did you know that you can still qualify for a home loan even if you filed for bankruptcy.  

Filing for bankruptcy and receiving a discharge in bankruptcy does not create a barrier to homeownership if desired individuals are able to become credit worthy in the future. Bankruptcy law in the United States provides individuals with a fresh start in their financial lives.

Even if you've filed bankruptcy, we can work with you to obtain a home loan...

  • If you filed Chapter 7 and your bankruptcy has been discharged for 18 months, you can still qualify for a home loan!
  • If you filed Chapter 13, as long as you are 1 Day out of bankruptcy, you can still qualify for a home loan as long as All Payments to the trustee have been paid on time, as agreed.


Millions of Americans have lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis, and many dream of buying a home again. Securing a mortgage in the future is possible in less time than ever before. All it takes is re-establishing creditworthiness to achieve your dream again.

Judgements & Lawsuits      

You may think that any judgements or lawsuits that appear on your credit report can hender you from obtaining a home loan.  Well, that is not true.  Judgements and Lawsuits will continue to show on your credit report for 7 years, although, once paid, they will appear on your credit report as satisfied.


You can begin your planning with us ahead of time to become a homeowner.

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Take 3 Simple Steps to "Get Pre-Qualified":

  1. Tell Us Your Goals
    • What is the maximum mortgage payment you want to pay per month?
    • How soon do you want to move?
    • What is most important that you want to accomplish with your new loan?
    • After completing the online "Get Pre-Qualified" form, you will receive a call from one of our experts..
  2. We will develop a plan for you based on some of the following questions?
    • How many people will be living in the home with you?
    • How long have you worked at your current employer?
  3. You're Pre-Qualified
    • Begin your search for your new home.
    • You will soon be enjoying the peace of mind knowing that you're on the path to homeownership.


To Get Pre-Qualified for a home loan, get started by taking less than 60 seconds to complete our online form, or call us (855) 572-4006, and begin your path to homeownership. We look forward to serving you!

Get Pre-Qualified!